Corinne Hildebrandt



Corinne “Corky” Hildebrandt

Corinne Hildebrandt, 90, of Bluffton, native of Peoria, Illinois, and formerly of Carlsbad, California, died peacefully Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at her home. Corky is survived by her loving husband, Alan and her daughter, Susan Stevens (Jeff Truskolaski - husband).
She will be greatly missed. Funeral arrangements are private.

To my beloved Aunt Corky,

Just a few of the things I love about you:
Your laugh. That great big, bold laugh! I miss hearing that on a regular basis.
Your style. You have great taste. It is nice to be surrounded by beautiful things, and you have a wonderful eye for beauty.
Your relationships with my mom. You have provided a loving, caring, friendship to my mom. I am grateful to you for giving her a much-needed sense of family, belonging, and unconditional love.
Your husband. I love that Alan. Thank you for bringing him into our family.
The many wonderful memories. I have so many amazing memories of times spent with you – more than I can possibly list here. Planting lantana in your backyard. Watching Muffin & Cindy play on the floor of your condo. Making holiday pecans and peaches with you. Going to the races at Del Mar (and seeing Rudy James cross the finish line as winner!!). Camping in the desert. Opening Christmas gifts with chocolate and champagne. Having you show me around your new home in South Carolina. Seeing you hold my baby girls.
Your joie de vivre. Corky, you really showed me a thing or two about really enjoying life. You take so much pleasure in things – in food, in a beautiful view, in flowers, in travel. It’s all expressed with great joy and that laughter. You trained me well to take a bite out of life!
How peeeeerrrrrfffffeeeeecct you are!
All my love,