Anthony Tarleton Winn



Anthony Tarleton Winn. Entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit, dead at 82.

Throughout his long life Tony Winn, who has died of a heart attack at age 82, was the very model of a brave, generous entrepreneur, prepared to invest his time and money in many varied and often experimental businesses. To the end he was a wonderful storyteller and bon vivant - young at heart, high-spirited, exuding curiosity and real creativity. He was a free-spirited, generous, light-hearted salesman who always led a full life including much travel, golf and skiing.

Educated at St. Albans Prep School, not far from the family home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Tony - christened Anthony Tarleton - graduated from Yale in 1956. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in law, he took a more diverse approach towards working. While serving in the National Guard, he married his childhood sweetheart. They soon had three children: Steven, who tragically died aged 20, Tori, a leading figure in London advertising, and Mark, a husband, father of three and a trusts and estates lawyer.

His first major venture - in the early 1960s before his thirtieth birthday - was a forward-looking radio station in Rockland County, New York. The name WRRC – Wonderful Radio of Rockland County – typified his originality and community spirit, offering the most outrageous music of the time (like The Doors). After selling the business he moved the family to Switzerland in 1970. During those years he worked with his wife to create an innovative beauty product, an early example of nail art, called Ormella. They commissioned Salvador Dali to create a series of special artworks and successfully sold it to Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s the family lived in Greenwich, Connecticut where Tony plunged into a number of ventures, including real estate development and investing in new technologies. After over thirty years of marriage he divorced and soon afterwards discovered the beauty of the Lowcountry while playing golf on Spring Island. Tony bought a house on Callawassie Island and used this as his base while he continued to travel and live part-time in Europe. By the time of his death he had simplified his life by staying closer to home. He had a loving and small group of special friendships and is survived by his sister Dierdre, his daughter Tori, his son Mark and three beautiful grandchildren from Mark whose names are Elizabeth (“Libby”), Whitney, and Mark, Jr.